Jacks Peak Loop-2

Jacks Peak Loop-2 (Olmsted Road-Hidden Meadow-Mandrone-Iris-Skyline-Jacks Peak-Coffeebery-Lower Ridge-Pine)

If you are an early bird hiker, this hike is for you. You do not need to wait until 9:00 to begin hiking. The hike begins on Olmsted Road. The beginning trail is small, but easy to follow. The hike is  longer than Loop-1. While hiking, do not forget to enjoy the view on Iris Trail and Coffeebery.

Details of the Hike

Download Route for GPS Devices:

Where to park: You need park on the side Olmsted Road to begin to the hike. Parking area

Restroom: Yes. Restrooms are avaliable at the picnic areas.

Gallery of Jacks Peak Loop-2

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