Hiking Apps

  1. Wikiloc img_0369

You can download Wikiloc application from App Store for free. Navigation Pack is an option as in-app puchase. You can benefit from the free version of the application.

  • In free version, you are able to download offline maps. These offline maps help you to follow where you are while hiking. But, the maps are not very detailed. Some trails are not shown in the offline maps, which is normal. Still helpful to be aware where you img_0368are.
  • In free version, you can record the hike, put view points and photos. While recording, you can see the
    route, elevation, average speed, pace, moving time. At the end, you can save your hike as "saved trails" or you can upload to your wikiloc account, or send via email.
  • You can open gpx format files with the application. You do not need to have nagivation pack. The only thing you need to do is the download the the route and open img_0367with the app. You can use the gpx format routes that are provided by us in the website.

To be able use Navigate you should buy a navigation pack. Navigation pack lets you search among the trails, download them, and follow them by having navigation pack.



2. AllTrails