Hiking Backpacks

1. Day Backpacks

Day Backpacks are also called daypacks. They offer enough place to carry your gears and other essential equipment for a day hike. Their size changes from 5 to 70 L.

One important aspect of a daypack is the back panel. It should be comfortable for your back.

If you are planning to buy a big daypack, you should buy the one that has belt. Belt helps you to carry a heavy backpack by decreasing the weight on your shoulders.

Some of the daypacks have a place to put the reservoir for hydration. You should buy a hydration system separately

Raincover is another aspect that you may need if you prefer to hike in rainy weathers. It will protect you gears in the backpack. Some of the daypacks have raincovers while purchasing, some of them not. You can also buy a raincover afterwards. Just keep in mind, they are priceless while raining.




2. Hydration Backpacks


Hydration backpacks offer plenty of water while hiking. You can drink water while hiking. The hydration system comes over one of the shoulder straps of the backpack. The valve at the end of the tube is  easy to use. You just need to bite and sip the water. One advantage of hydration backpack is that you can drink water without stopping to take out your water bottle. It is also prevents to postpone drinking water which crucially important while walking. In every fifteen minutes, you should take couple sips to avoid dehydration. Depending the size, hydration backpacks carries 0.5 to 3 liters of water.

Hydration backpacks also have storage for snacks, spare garments and other hiking gears again depending on the size of the backpack.

While deciding to buy a hydration backpack, you should be careful about quality of the hydration system. A poor ones produce bacteria and fungus on reservoirs. A high quality hydration system eliminates bacteria in the reservoir and tube. Although you have a good hydration system, you should clean and wash it after each use. You should not let the water stay in the reservoir for couple days.

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3. Baby Carrier Packs

Baby Carrier Packs offer you to hike with your child. A baby carrier has a child seat and a harness as a part of backpack. Child safety harnesses are designed for a child to ride comfortably and securely while you are hiking.

Most of baby carrier packs have extra place to put your hiking gears and other essentials. They also have hydration system.

baby_carrier_packs3 baby_carrier_packs2 baby_carrier_packs1

4. Waist Packs

Waistpacks bring alight and comfortable hike for you, but with very limited space. Waist packs are useful for short hikes. Especially the ones with water bottle are better. You can also carry a few essentials like keys and phone while hiking.

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